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10 Important Strategies to Prevent Weight Gain During the Holidays

by Debra J. McGinley

Prevent weight gain during the holidays. Is it possible? They just seem to come in waves. First it was Halloween. Shortly followed by Thanksgiving; the time when everyone begins indulging. Christmas is forthcoming, as is New Year’s, where 34% of resolutions for 2024 regard weight loss and 32% improved diet according to Forbes Health. Research suggests that only 9% of Americans actually complete them; 23% quit by the end of the first week and 43% quit by the end of January.

Don’t be a statistic!

Here are 10 strategies that will help you prevent unnecessary weight gain:

  1. Stick to your normal routine. It’s easy to get swept up with all of the holiday festivities. Sticking to your routine allows for structure, which prevents overeating and opting for high-sugar food choices when you normally wouldn’t.
  2. Mark your calendar. Know when those holiday parties are coming so that you can prepare ahead of time and stick to your schedule.
  3. Eat strategically. Focusing on protein will allow for blood sugar regulation and prevent your hunger hormones from wreaking havoc. Make sure your plate is half vegetables, so you can prevent those cravings for less nutritious foods.
  4. Spice up your meals. Garlic, ginger, turmeric, onions are flavorful additions to your meal, and they may also prevent weight gain.  
  5. Stay hydrated. Water helps your skin retain moisture and combat inflammation, but it also serves to stave hunger queues. Turn it up a notch by adding citrus or opting for herbal teas!
  6. Choose your alcohol wisely. Not all drinks are created equal. Alcoholic beverages that contain soda and juice are high in empty calories. Opt for lower calorie beverages, like a glass of Prosecco or Brut Champagne.
  7. Move daily. There’s no reason not to continue with your workout routine or to go for that hike, walk, and/or yoga class.
  8. Maintain your sleep. Poor sleep is highly correlated with weight gain so make sure to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Create a routine that allows you to decompress; turn off the tv, have a hot cup of sleepy time tea, read a book, journal, etc.
  9. Avoid stress eating. Not only does stress impact our sleep, but our choices when eating as well. In fact, most of the weight gain during the holidays comes from stress eating. So make sure you have healthy snacks with you!
  10. Enjoy each bite. We are so accustomed inhaling our food, we fail to actually savor it. However, we have the ability to listen to our hunger and satiety queues better. Meaning, we actually feel fuller faster and prevent overeating.  

Preventing weight gain during the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself!

It means that you get to decide how to minimize weight gain. Feel like you need a game plan? Learn more about me and schedule a free 20-minute strategy session to discuss designing a weight loss protocol that is just for you! Prevent unnecessary weight gain during the holidays while still enjoying the festivities!